Thank you very much for accessing the website of AN ENTERPRISE CO., LTD.

Initially, we started as a Japanese office of Zhejiang Commercial Corporation in China and have reached the present. All employees appreciate everyone's support because we could be involved in "food" by the trading company specializing in importing Chinese foods, planning development, commissioned manufacturing and export sales and expand widely to countries other than China.

As unstable factors relating to food supply and demand in the world emerge and the environment surrounding the food industry changes dramatically, not only "food safety and security" but also our roles are becoming more diverse. We will continue to strive to grasp customer needs and further expand and strengthen the reliable network that we have cultivated over the years, aiming to build an optimal integrated system from raw material procurement, development manufacturing, quality management to sales support.

Although we are still fledgling, we would like to try our best to provide safety, security and satisfaction and to challenge new fields further. In order to make more opportunities to serve even a little more fruitful, we will make further efforts from all our employees. We sincerely hope that further guidance and support will be given.


CEO  An Iwai

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