Corporate Philosophy

Sales planning

Understand needs,
Marketing, Suggestions,
Sales promotion/Support

Trial manufacture development

Source raw materials/producers,
Product differentiation, Concept creation, Suggestions

Factory selection

Manage procurement and
manufacturing at domestic and
overseas partners, Trust relationship
with managers, Manufacturing management
by Japanese quality

Commissioned manufacturing

Securing stable production,
Improving production capacity,
Timely production plan,
Improving production quality, Optimizing costs

Raw materials procurement

Networks that procures materials from all
over the world, Supply and
demand/Market information, Producing
district development, Processing trade,
Producing district investment

Quality management

Unique purchasing standards,
Employee training, Site management,
Integrated management systems for quality improvement

Logistics management

Import and export procedures,
Shipping/Delivery arrangement

Sales support

Correspondence with speed,
Reliable support

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