Corporate History

2019 Established Nagoya Branch and factories in Japan Central area

2018 Group sales reached 10 billion yen (Japanese domestic sales 7 billion yen)

2017 Established third factory for manufacturing westren confectionery in Zhejiang Province
Established a local corporation in Hangzhou city to extend confectionery business in China

2016 Group sales reached 7 billion yen (Japanese domestic sales 3.6 billion yen)

2015 Established sales office in Chengdu for Chinese domestic Market
Started a mail order business of Western confectionery in China 

2014 Started planning and selling to China's luxury super market and Japanese-affiliated retail chain stores

2013 Started China bonded processing, selling in Japan and trilogy processing trade of nuts and dried fruits from the US and aquatic raw material from Japan.

2012 Started selling Japanese confectionery, ingredients, drinks, agricultural products to Hong Kong, Taiwan, USA, etc.
Group sales reached 6 billion yen (Japanese domestic sales 2.8 billion yen)

2011 Started selling European chocolate confectionery to China

2010 Started selling nuts and dried fruits from the US to China

2009 Developed sweets business in China

2008 Established second factory for manufacturing dried fruits in Zhejiang Province

2007 Started selling cooked cold meals such as processed pork, processed chicken, Japanese style daily dishes and Chinese yumcha
Established local office for overseas export support in Hangzhou city

2006 Started selling material confectionery such as chestnuts, sweet potatoes, rice confectionary and bean confections
Started selling the plum product series

2005 Started selling fishery items such as frozen, dried and processed seafood & processed squid products

2004 Established the first factory for agricultural processing in Zhejiang Province

2003 Established AN ENTERPRISE Co., Ltd. in Japan
Started selling agricultural products such as frozen/dry/boiled/canned/fried

2002 Established as a Japanese office of Zhejiang Commercial Corporation

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